Best Zee Tamil Tv Serial To Watch Online

Zee Tamil TV is one of the most popular TV channels in India. That is because of the wide list of serials it has to offer on its platform. A huge audience has been watching the channel since the day it was launched.

Zee Tamil TV was launched in 2008. Since that the viewership of the channel has increased tremendously. The reason behind such a vast viewership is the shows that it has to offer to its audience. People are glued to their television sets waiting for their favourite shows to be telecasted live. The channel is telecasting its shows daily, 24×7, 365 days of the year. The shows also get a repeat telecast for those who miss the show in the allotted time frame.

Due to the huge popularity of Zee Tv show, YuppTv has partnered with the channel to provide its content on the YuppTv app. Now, the users of the YuppTv app can Watch ZeeTv Live from anywhere in the world by subscribing to the channel on their YuppTv application. The channels can be viewed on mobile as well as television using the YuppTV application. 

YuppTv in itself is a known name across several countries worldwide. People from India living in foriegn countries have been using the application to view their favourite shows using the application. Talking about the statistics, YuppTv has more than 100 plus TV shows to offer. Along with that the platform provides access to almost 5000+ movies and 250+ channels to its viewers. There are almost 13 million users who are using the application currently to watch their favourite shows online. The application has a 4.0 rating on the play store. Apart from this the application also provides options for Live TV and Catch up tv including the option of video on demand that offers movies which a person can order as per their demand.

Watch Zee Tamil Tv Live! Best Zee tv serial to watch online are following:

  1. Sathya: The story of a tomboy girl, who is independent and adventurous in nature gets married to Prabhu. During the initial stages of their married life they suffer from ups and downs in their relationship. However, slowly they find romance in their life and love in their life starts to build with some memorable moments that will definitely leave you awestruck. 
  2. Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Story of a middle aged unmarried man and a middle-class family young girl who starts working for him and soon things start turning in a different direction for both of them and there is a bond that builds up seeing no difference in their age.
  3. Sembaruthi: The series is a fairytale and is no less than a Disney movie. A rich household hires a maid. The maid falls in love with the son of the rich household. The complication starts building  and it soon becomes difficult for the maid to keep her feeling suppressed.
  4. Poove Poochudava: The series is a jumbled up love story with lots of complications arising in the life of Shiva & Shakthi. Both meet during a car crash and develop a rivalry. However, destiny has decided then to meet and things start to get interesting between them.
  5. Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Is one of the most popular TV series and is said to have the second largest budget in the Tamil daily soap industry. It is a thriller, ghost story with built humour romance and lots of interesting plot that revolves around Mutharasan, his father Thanikachalam, his step mother Neelambari, Venilla the cousin and Swetha(Neelambri’s niece) and the dead mother of Mutharasan.
  6. Rettai Roja: A story of twin sisters who have entirely different personalities. The characters are named Abi and Anu. Abi is sweet and homely on the other hand Anu is dominant and greedy in nature. Even though Anu puts efforts to stay in the spotlight, Abi gets it all which makes Anu jealous of her own sister and this makes her start plotting against her.