The Role Of Technology In The Field Of Health

Information technology in health or medical computer has shown a very significant role to help the human soul, and research in the field of medicine. Computers are used to diagnose the disease, finding the right medication, and analyses of human organs is difficult to see inside. System information technology such as Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) is useful to draw the structure of the brain and take pictures of all the body parts that do not move by using X-rays. As for the move to use the system Dynamic Spatial Reconstructor (DSR), which can be used to view images from various angles organs. For more information, check this site pointclearsolutions

Single Photon Emission Computer Tomography (SPECT), is a computer system that uses gas to detect radioactive particles that the body shown in the picture. Another form is Position Emission Tomography (PET) is also a computer system that can display images using radioactive isotopes.

However, there is no doubt that there are still many obstacles in the implementation of information technology for health management in hospitals. If you’re still in the stage of development of the information system of the transaction (eg administrative data, financial and demographic) socio-cultural problem is not too visible. However, if it has reached the clinical aspects, the challenge will be even greater. On the other hand, the issue of readiness of human resources is often the linchpin.

An understanding of health workers in hospitals of the potential of IT sometimes been weak due to wrong understanding. Therefore, strengthening the aspects of knowledge and skills is one of the keys. In addition, of course, is financial problems. Without the help of the expert is good, sometimes IT investment will only provide waste without any value excess. The latter is a suspicion against the weaker aspects of security, confidentiality, and privacy of medical data.

In the use of IT, the especially computer can be negative also for health its influence when in use is not good. Ie from the sitting position, visibility of the monitor with your eyes, the light intensity monitors, indoor air circulation, security of the network cable, and how to use the computer. If this is not observed can result in health problems.